Keşkül | Vegan Almond Milk Pudding

Be refreshed by this creamy Turkish almond pudding on a sunny day. Fragrant with a nutty depth, Keşkül takes only 15 minutes to make with just five key ingredients.

Vegan rose and walnut cookies

Easy 5-ingredient vegan rose and walnut cookies. Melt in your mouth shortbread – perfect for gifts, parties or self-motivation treats.

Lubia Polo | لوبیا پلو | green beans, mince and rice

This rainbow rice is a delicious and nutritious dish full of vegan proteins, vegetables, spices and complex carbohydrates. Lubia Polo (green beans, mince and rice) is a classic Persian rice dish to add to your culinary repertoire.

Tahini & Grape Molasses Cake | Tahinli Pekmezli Kek

Love tahini and pekmez on bread? This healthy cake recipe is a sweet and nutty vegan treat. Perfect with a cup of tea.

Aubergine Stew | Yatimcheh | یتیمچه

Aubergine stew – یتیمچه – yatimcheh – is a delicious meatless Persian dish. My Iranian friend once told me that aubergines are to Iran as potatoes are to Britain. In Iran, you can buy aubergines by the bucketload – literally.

Khoresht e Karafs | Persian Celery Stew | خورش کرفس

Persian celery stew – khoresht karafs – خورش کرفس – is a fresh, aromatic delight served with soft rice. Traditionally containing lamb, this vegan recipe uses earthy black beans to balance the sharp flavour of the sauce.

Turkish Lentil Soup | Mercimek Çorbası

Turkish lentil soup – mercimek çorbası – is a simple but moreish dish. A perfect starter or light meal when served with bread. This dish is already vegan and exemplifies the deep, earthy flavours that can be found in the Middle East.

Iranian mixed rice | Polo | برنج مخلوط

The ultimate recipe for vegan Persian mixed rice – برنج مخلوط. To achieve lightness and flavour, this traditional method parboils then steams the rice. With a layer of tahdig – crispy potatoes –  ته دیگ, you will be craving more with every mouthful.

Tahdig – Persian crispy rice – ته دیگ

Getting tahdig from kitchen to dining table is difficult with the sudden appearance of eager helpers who want a taste. In this article, find out what tahdig (ته دیگ) is and how to cook it with potatoes or bread.

Fasolia – Green Bean Stew

Fasolia is a healthy, traditional Middle Eastern stew. Braised green beans in a rich tomato sauce complement meze, rice, or simply bread.