Khoresht e Bamieh | Iranian Okra Stew | خورشت بامیه

Khoresht e Bamieh is a South Iranian okra stew with a spiced tomato sauce served on rice.  History of Khoresht e Bamieh ‘Bamieh’  or ‘بامیه’ is the Farsi word for Okra. Similarly, it is known as ‘bamia’ or ‘bamya’ across the Middle East. Nowadays, Okra is grown in warm countries around the globe but okra...

Khoresht e Rivas | Iranian Rhubarb Stew | خورشت ریواس

This delicious Iranian Rhubarb Stew is the perfect way to use your homegrown rhubarb. It’s savoury, sour, healthy, and full of vegan protein! 

Khoresht e Nâranj | Vegan Iranian Orange Chicken Stew

Cook something new with Seville oranges: my Khoresht Nâranj recipe brings together sweet carrots, bitter orange, vegan chicken, aromatic saffron and cinnamon, and tangy barberries.

Torshi Liteh | Iranian mixed vegetable pickle | ترشی لیته

Iran’s popular Torshi Liteh pickle is packed with vegetables, herbs and spices. Try this recipe with smoked aubergine, tarragon and rose, adapted from my Iranian family friend.

Burma Kadayıf | Turkish Twisted Baklava

Burma Kadayıf is a Turkish sweet pastry made from twisted shredded pastry, nuts and syrup. You can make this showstopping vegan recipe using only six ingredients in one pan. 

Iranian Spinach Soup | Âsh-e Sak | آش ساك

Cook up a pot of healthy Iranian Spinach Soup – Âsh-e Sak, rich with vegan split pea protein and bursting with mint and lemon flavours.

Vegan Iranian Spaghetti Bolognese | Macaroni with tahdig | ماکارونی

This is no ordinary spaghetti bolognese. The layers of pasta and sauce have a smokey flavour and are topped with crispy tahdig.

Sabzi Polo Ba Mahi Giahi | herb rice with vegan tofu fish | سبزی پلو با ماهی گیاهی

Fresh herbs give this Iranian rice dish a Spring feeling. Enjoy this Sabzi Polo with vegan tofu fish for your Nowruz celebration and throughout the year.

Vegan Ekmek Kataifi | Εκμέκ καταΐφι | pastry, syrup, custard and cream Greek dessert

Pastry soaked in sweetly spiced syrup, a layer of smooth custard, topped with whipped cream, pistachios and cinnamon.

Mirza Ghasemi | Smoked Aubergine Dip | میرزا قاسمی

Similar to baba ganoush, this garlicky smoked aubergine mezze dip is delicious on bread, hot or cold. Read on for my vegan Mirza Ghasemi origins story and simple recipe.